Custom, Limited Edition Artwork on Snowboards and Longboard Skate Decks

What is TruRute™?

It’s the burn in your belly. The chill of excitement climbing up the back of your neck. It signals you’re fully aligned with your true purpose, whether that’s powder, surf or sand. Your TruRute™ is that indefinable thing that compels you to get out of bed.

What brought us here was our passion for the ride and the feeling of being sane, content and even spiritual while out there. We’re grounded in our need to be inspired every day and decided that couldn’t be achieved with the corporate status quo.

So we set off to re-imagine and create a new standard in the action sports industry, while having a positive impact on our community through meaningful relationships with our customers and partners.

The end result: Unique, limited-run artwork on bamboo longboards and snowboards made of eco-responsible and locally resourced materials. Plus, each design is inspired by stories of history and far away cultures as unique as an individual wave, back bowl or stretch of pavement.

That is our TruRute™. What’s yours?